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The Transport and Logistics Industry provides a range of services that are critical to the maintenance of Australia's advanced economy. It is the artery of the Australian economy, which provides the vital service of moving freight and passengers locally, regionally, nationally and internationally - over rail, road, sea and air. The industry's activity is focused around a nation-wide network of cross modal ports, roads, railways, freight yards, airports, distribution centres and materials handling. This network relies on its warehousing and storage facilities.

To connect our world requires skilled staff. We can assist in attracting and retaining quality staff in all aspects of the logistics industry. We are in the business of promoting logistics and warehousing as a great career choice for school leavers, those wanting to move into a new career and the mature-age workforce. Our experienced staff can work with you to develop strategies to enhance your business so your business not only survives but continues to grow.

Workplace Training Options

We design training options to take advantage of the opportunities your organisation can offer to learn on the job. Your staff both new and established may not need to leave the workplace to get the best training.

Our experienced trainers can analyse your workplace systems and procedures and together with you develop a suitable training system to advance your workforce. Often the best way to implement a training strategy is to incorporate the normal duties a person undertakes with some added training and coaching.

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