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Training Support

Training Needs Analysis

A Training Needs Analysis assesses the skills gap of your staff. The skills of the staff are then mapped against the skills required to carry out tasks efficiently and effectively and a training plan is then designed to fill in any skill gaps.

We will work with you to explore what is currently happening in your workforce depending if you want to focus on organisational needs, occupational needs or individual needs. Together we will look at the difference between desirable performance and actual and then analyse the reasons for the difference and attempt to determine where training is required to make the move from actual to desirable.

This exercise promotes efficiency and increases productivity resulting in your staff performing at their optimum level. Matching skills to tasks ensures no waste and that people's skills are being maximised.

Work Readiness & Employability Skills

The success of any workplace program is determined by a range of factors affecting how people learn, including language, literacy and numeracy, IT literacy, communication, team & people skills. These are referred to as employability skills.

Up front assessment of these skills is an essential component of all our workplace programs. We are able to advise and provide support in all these areas to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from your training investment.

Our trainers understand the difficulties that may be experienced by adult learners and are highly experienced in dealing with these issues in a non-threatening way. The development of employability skills is integrated into our training to ensure the effective application of new skills in the workplace.

Continuing Professional Development (CDP)

Are you looking for employees who can add that little bit extra to your business? Maybe a skill that they can offer to your customers, or a new additional service. We can provide your employees with additional knowledge and skills, which can give your business that competitive edge.

We offer a large range of short courses to ensure that your staff retain their technical currency. We can also customise programs to suit particular business needs and our courses can be used for your staff to build on their CPD points.