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Government Funding

As a Registered Training Organisation we have the ability to apply for Government funding incentives. If we partner with you we have many more chances to receive that funding. We are up to date with the latest incentives available to business and training organisations and can advice you on those schemes that can be used to improve your business.

Incentive and subsidy funding is available for several purposes for example to employers who employ trainees and apprentices to undertake training under an existing worker traineeship for experienced workers, for older workers and indigenous workers.

We keep up to date with changes in funding programs through our business line approach and pass that knowledge onto you.

As a registered training organisation we have access to funding for training and assessment services. This funding is mostly aimed at skills development with a focus on work based programs.

Some examples of the funding that we can access include:

Strategic Skills Program - This program aims to support skill formation in NSW to support industries of strategic importance and high growth and emerging industries.

Productivity Places Program, a federal Government initiative aimed at assisting existing workers to update or upgrade their skills.

Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) programs aim to support the development of these vital skills. WELL funding takes advantage of other workplace training to put language and literacy development into context. This funding can play an important role in your workplace training initiative.

The Department of Education and Training site lists outlines the significant Vocational Education and Training funding reforms undertaken recently by the Federal government, including changes to the Vet Fee Help Scheme and the introduction of the industry Skills fund.

Note: it is proposed from 1 January 2017 VET FEE-HELP will cease and VET Student Loans will commence. For more information visit VET Student Loans.

The NSW State government funds apprenticeship and traineeship programs but occasionally additional funds become available for special programs, especially in industries experiencing structural adjustment and skill shortages. For the latest information visit the NSW Training Service website.