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Employer Incentives

Does your business have trainees? Would you like your trainees training to be closer aligned to your core business? Do you need advice on government employer incentives? Does the paper work around the process daunt you?

We can help. We offer training programs customised to suit your business. We believe that your trainees must be trained in a way that reflects the work being carried out in your workplace. We work with employers to identify the training needs and to design a training program for the trainee. We involve all parties, the employer/supervisor, the trainee and ourselves in this planning process. The result is a training program that reflects the needs of the business and ensures that the training is targeted.

We can provide you with advice about employing an apprentice or trainee as well as links to other vital agencies that can assist you in the process. Our staff are up to date with the latest government employer incentives and assistance programs to help support your business to employ apprentices and trainees.

For detailed information about apprenticeships visit: www.australianapprenticeships.gov.au