Shaping Future Cities - Designing Western Sydney


Designing Western Sydney - A blueprint for the economic transformation of Western Sydney December 2015

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The Industry Collaboration: Barangaroo Skills Exchange

Barangaroo Skills Exchange

The Barangaroo Skills Exchange (BSX) was the winner of the New South Wales Industry Collaboration Award and a finalist in the same category at the 2014 Australian Training Awards. BSX was established to provide the required training and skilling needs of on-site workers at the Barangaroo South urban regeneration project.

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Construction project a legacy for the construction industry

BSX clip

On the Western edge of the Sydney CBD, two transformations are taking place. One is the construction of the $6 billion Barangaroo precinct, one of the world’s foremost waterfront renewal projects. The other is the construction of a legacy in skills, safety and sustainability, known as the Barangaroo Skills Exchange.

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Award-winning Training Partnership Renewed

Racing NSW Logo

Racing NSW is pleased to announce the extension of its Award-winning Training Partnership for the delivery of training to the racing industry participants in NSW.

Together with our partners – TAFE Western Sydney Institute (“TAFE WSI”) – the new agreement will ensure the quality service collectively delivered under the banner of Australian Racing and Equine Academy (“AREA”) continues with the signing of a new 3-year partnership agreement.

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Barangaroo Project

Barangaroo Training

Barangaroo is a $6bn urban transformation of the western edge of Sydney’s central business district and will provide extraordinary benefits for Sydney, NSW and Australia.

Lend Lease is responsible for Barangaroo South – the southern 7.5 hectares of the site which is destined to become the greenest and most advanced financial district and the first large scale, carbon neutral precinct in Australia. With a mix of uses, including commercial, residential, retail and dining along with a new landmark hotel, on completion it will be home to around 1,200 residents, 23,000 office workers and more than 2.9 hectares of public space.

TAFE NSW has been endorsed as the preferred training provider and Western Sydney Institute has been appointed as the Lead Institute to coordinate training activities for Barangaroo South.

Good management is the key to business success

Good Management

Few people would be startled to learn that there is a strong link between highly skilled managers and happy, productive employees. What is startling however is the extent to which the quality of management affects the performance of businesses.

A report into the link between management and productivity found that managers’ adoption of best practice techniques was linked more closely to market share, market valuation and productivity than other factors such as location, industry or government policy. The study showed that it was the best managed companies which achieved the highest scores for performance such as sales per employee, rate of revenue and market share growth.

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Leading the way in Environmental Sustainability

Carbon FootPrint

As a large training provider we take seriously our opportunity to influence individuals, the community and enterprises with whom we come in contact, especially on the topic of the future of our environment.

This video will give you an insight into how, we as an institute are working towards a sustainable future.

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Indigenous Guiding

Indigenous Guiding

Blue Mountains College Tourism section is developing an Interpretive Tour Guiding course for Aboriginal guides in partnership with the Blue Mountains, Lithgow and Oberon Tourism Board (BMLOT), National Parks Discovery Rangers, Darug and Gundungurra communities and local industry.

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